When you come into one of our offices for an appointment you will see a physician, that is, an M.D. or D.O. with years of experience treating people in E.R.'s, pediatrics, family medicine, and our specialty of bariatrics. If a doctor has an emergency during a scheduled shift and cannot make the appointments you will be given the opportunity to reschedule; other options may be discussed with our office staff to best accommodate your personal schedule.

It is highly encouraged that you inform your family doctor of any treatment options you plan to pursue. Though your family doctor may not have the knowledge of medical weight loss as our physicians, his or her insight could be useful in your treatment and overall medical welfare.

Losing is the easiest part of this program. Highly motivated patients lose weight very fast as long as they stick to the program. And the rate of weight loss varies greatly depending on how much you have to lose, your target weight, and your ideal healthy weight. A person who has 100 pounds to lose will lose in greater amounts thn someone who has only 5 or 10 pounds to lose. To see how much you can lose try our calculator, which can give you a weight loss range for the Diet Program and an inch loss range for Strawberry Laser Lipo. The calculator is meant for reference only and your results may be better or worse than estimated. Each person's results depend on multiple factors such as motivation, strictness of diet, and medical history.

No, unlike commercial weight loss programs we will not ask you to sign anything other than information regarding your personal privacy which we respect without question. Our program is that of no obligation; that is, if you wish to leave at anytime for any reason you can do so with no questions asked or fees incurred.

None of our physicians can guarantee human behavior, but if you follow our diet, and exercise, regardless of using an appetite suppressant you should see results.

Results vary from person to person. Factors, such as strictness to diet, lifestyle, and medication/treatment regimen all affect weight loss.

It is up to your insurance company as to whether or not they will cover our services. Recently, more and more insurance companies have begun covering the costs of services like ours. Talk to your insurance company, some of them will cover our services under “health and wellness”. If your carrier does cover our services we can provide you with all the necessary documentation so that you may be reimbursed.

Financing is available via CareCredit. You can apply by using the following link.

We have many diabetic and hypertensive patients. As long as your diabetes and hypertension are under control with medication and your blood pressure is within limits, you can participate in our program. Our physicians have had years of experience and familiarity with disorders such as diabetes and hypertension and can tailor your diet accordingly.

With our program, there is no need to go to a pharmacy and have your prescription filled. We will dispense all prescription medication at our office at no extra cost to you.

We use three FDA approved medications. Phentermine Hydrochloride, Diethylpropion, and Phendimetrazine tartate. All have been proven safe and effective over decades of use and study. During our 20 years helping patients lose weight we have never had any complications arise from our medication. The most common side effect of our medication is appetite suppression; less common side effects include dry mouth, constipation, and energy.

No, we can design a program for you whether you have 20 lbs. to lose or 100lbs. However, our doctors will refuse any persons who have certain eating disorders that result in intentional weight loss. As you reach your desired weight your medication will be changed to a maintenance level; at that point you may wish to continue our program to maintain your weight but at the approval of one of our physicians.

No, our program consists of three parts and each one is necessary to reach your maximum weight loss. The medication is a great tool and used independently can make you lose, but works much better in conjunction with diet and exercise, so if you do fall off your diet or exercise a little bit you should still be doing well.

No, as we said before… The best diet is the one that works for you and you can live with; we understand that you are going to cheat, but just be mindful about you diet when you do and make sure to keep everything in perspective according to your diet.